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Oban / Lochaline

The club organises trips to Oban or Lochaline (in Scotland) around twice a year, which provides a large variety of dive sites with generally excellent visibility in relatively sheltered conditions within incredible landscapes. Sites include natural reefs, wall dives and shipwrecks (including the Breda, Hispania and Thesis).  Two dives a day are typical with depths suitable for a range of divers.

Hanging onto a helicopter
Prepping a DSMB
Map reading / navigation
Where's north?
Combining watersports
Buoyancy Skills
Buoyancy Skills (in tight spaces)
On top of the helicopter
Depth & time check
Mask clearing
Trying to look professional
Whats he called?
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Eight Acre is one of the inland dive sites we use for training, particularly underwater navigation skills. The maximum is >15m and good visability is almost guarenteed. It is open throughout the year.

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