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Scarborough Sub Aqua Club (SSAC) is one of the longest established scuba diving clubs in the UK (branch 83). The club has been providing internationally recognised BSAC training for divers and offering members a wide variety of diving since 1960. We have our own BAUER compressor for air and nitrox, and dive boats based in both Scarborough and Bridlingon enabling members to enjoy a range of quality local diving

Meetings are held every Wednesday evening in our very own clubhouse and bar (8.30pm onwards). For information on our club facilities, becoming a member of the club, learning to dive with us, or simply to find out more about who we are and what we do then pop down and say hello or contact us.

We have members from all walks of life with a range of different interests, including snorkelling, wreck diving, underwater photography, marine biology, marine archeology as well as a small cohort of specialist divers. We all share a passion for diving and have the utmost respect for the sea.

If you're new to diving, dont worry, we dont drop you in the middle of the North Sea with just tank of air and hope for the best, we provide full training and development with internationally recognised qualifications, starting in a pool, then an inland dive site and then ocean diving when you are ready!

Follow our Facebook page for the latest information on who's been diving where, new discoveries, events and dive trips.

If you'd like to book a Try Dive, and experience diving for the first time click here

Richard S - Scarborough Sub Aqua Club Diving Boat
Diving in Tenerife

Why learn to dive in the UK?

Diving in the UK is often a little misunderstood. Depending on the part of the UK and time of year the conditions can be more challenging than abroad, but at the same time the UK coastline typically has a much more diverse range of shipwrecks (such as Scapa Flow), dive sites and array of marine life. Training in UK waters is also often regarded as more thorough with a wider array of conditions which makes diving abroad easier, as dive operators recognise this. A lot of our members who have now qualified dive in the UK and built up experience also dive abroad, which extends their diving season and offers a wider variety of diving experiences.

What is BSAC?

We are proud to be a BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) branch and have been since the club was established. BSAC is one of the most recognised organisations in the UK (and overseas) that supports and promotes safe diving and is a 'not for profit' organisation.


BSAC provides insurance cover, training standards, club support and advice. We also welcome divers from other organisations such as PADI, with many of our members having trained with these organisations.

Diving in Tenerife
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