In Summer, shore dives in local bays provide a good combination of marine life and coastal wrecks and can be done in wetsuits, semi-dry suits or full dry suits. They make for good experience dives in shallow water.

Pictured L-R > Debbie, Spud, Laura, Matt and Joe.



We have a range of club equipment that we use for pool training, sheltered water and open water use. Diving kit is also available from other members looking to upgrade or from divers who are retiring. At some point you will likely want your own equipment. 

General Tips

  • Do you know the history of the equipment you are buying?

  • Consider the cost of old equipment vs. new equipment

  • Consider the reliability of the equipment

  • Does it have a warranty?

  • Is it be easily serviced in the UK? (check with local service centres)

  • Is it suitable for your level of diving?

  • Do you know how it works and how to clean it?

  • Is it suitable for cold water use (we recommend cold water environmentally sealed regulators such as the Apeks XTX200 which are popular amongst club members and proven)

  • In the UK we generally advise on using steel cylinders over aluminium due to buoyancy characteristics unless using as bailouts

  • Is the cylinder in test? / Does it have signs of corrosion?

  • For males a 15L (Litre) cylinder is generally an all round solution with 12L for shallow shore dives.

  • For extended dives; twinsets are worth considering.

  • For females a 12L cylinder is generally an all round solution with the potential for a 10L cylinder for shallow shore dives

It is worthwhile discussing with members about equipment configurations as they have a lot of experience and may have tried alternative configurations in the past.


We provide training for a range of different levels of BSAC diver grades:


  • Ocean Diver (limited to 20 metres)

  • Sports Diver (Limited to 35 metres)

  • Dive Leader with progression to 50 metres


We don't need to send you abroad or further away to train, we conduct training in the local area using local resources. We also have access to additional training for other diver grades as well as boat handling. Ask within the club for further information.

We also offer training and support for...

  • Advanced Diver

  • First Class Diver

Due to the nature of Advanced Diver and further training grades, some external courses are required. SDCs (Skill Development Courses) are also taught in the club from time to time. Currently we have a number of members undergoing instructor, technical and rebreather diver training. Discuss with club members for further information.

>>> Try Dives <<<


Prior to diver training we organise 'try dives' in a local swimming pool to let you experience scuba diving in a safe environment. You will be taught everything you need to be able to grasp the very basics of diving and experience breathing underwater.

What do I need to bring with me?

  •  Normal swimwear

  •  A t-shirt you don't mind getting wet

  •  Towel

  •  £5 donation for 'try snorkel'

  •  £20* donation for 'try dive'

* Includes a free Octopush voucher for one person

​We will ask you to acknowledge and accept the potential risks of the event. It also ensures you are covered by our third party public liability insurance.

If you wear contact lenses, we suggest you avoid using them unless you have very poor eyesight as contact lenses and water don't tend to mix well. During the training course you will learn how to flood and empty your mask. You can buy prescriptions masks online if needed or mask inserts. Again, ask club memebers for more information. 

Sheltered & Open Water Dives - As part of the training you progress through the grades of BSAC diver and get to dive inland sites and do open water dives in the sea. One of our favourite local places is North Landing (Flamborough), but also have other favourite spots. 

One important point to mention is that all our instructors are volunteers. They gain no financial benefits for training so they do the training because they want to. This means we will never take you out of your comfort zone and your training is accomplished at a speed which you are happy with. We're a club, we're here to have fun.

Pictured left; some of our trainees along with more experienced divers (from left to right) Debbie 'Lippy', Spud, Laura 'Zippy', Matt and Joe. We'd also like to thank everyone who has helped out with training over the last few years, without your help it wouldn't be possible!

Try Dive Request Form

If you would like to arrange a try dive, please fill in the form below. Information is treated privately and not shared with anybody outside of the club committee or training team. If you have a medical condition and do not wish to mention on the form for personal reasons, please inform the training co-ordinator or Dive Officer before commencing the try dive.

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