We have excellent facilites for diving the Yorkshire Coast, with our hard boat Richard S moored in Scarborough, and our RIB Fin S based out of Bridlington.



Jake enjoying a post-dive brew, taking in the stunning scenery of the Yorkshire Coast



Spotlight - HMS Falmouth

HMS Falmouth

We dive a series of wrecks off the coast of Bridlington including the HMS Falmouth (8 miles SE) which now sits on the sea bed at 17m. It was torpedoed by U-boats in 1916 in the battle of Jutland and sank whilst being towed to the Humber. The vessell was a town class light cruiser and is an ideal wreck for trainee divers or those interested in the local history. The wreck site is relatively scattered making ideal for groups of divers and the boilers can be easily identified.

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Image courtesy of The Telegraph